Ahikam Shuster

Ahikam Shuster – Law Firm specializes in infrastructure, contracts and tenders, environmental law, local authorities and civil and administrative litigation.

We are here to guide you in an effective, efficient and professional manner, to the legal solution you aspire.

The legal services we provide are based on unique practice methods we have developed over the years of our experience. These methods have proven themselves time and time again in the results we achieve for our clients. We are result-oriented and we believe in formulating a clear strategic plan in full coordination with our client while emphasizing their desires and goals. We are committed to presenting our clients with the complete picture regarding the chances of success and risks involved in the legal proceedings we handle.

Our firm provides our clients with over 40 years of cumulative experience in our areas of expertise.

Our firm prides itself with a "can -do" attitude and willingness to "roll up our sleeves" in order to achieve our client's goals.

Extensive knowledge in the firm's areas of activity with the relevant regulatory bodies; the courts and public authorities active in these areas (some of whom are represented and have been represented by the firm), affords our team the unique ability to predict the probable outcome of our client's cases and the perspective to effectively guide them through the legal process.

The firm is committed to involving our clients in the decision-making process, which stems from our ability to identify and understand our client's needs. We believe that good legal services should produce the desired results the client is striving for and produce clear added- value.

Practice Areas

RFTs, Infrastructures and Projects

The firm supports Requests for Tenders proceedings and projects throughout all of their stages, in the amount of to hundreds of millions of NIS annually. The firm provides comprehensive legal services for all of the tenders’ aspects, including regulatory and licensing aspects of the project, advising throughout the tender procedures and the contracting, advising on commercial engagements related to the project and its financing and representation in the relevant administrative courts and tribunals.

The firm specializes in preparing and conducting complex and unique RFTs with a particular specialization in water and sewage and waste disposal systems. Some of the RFTs that the firm supported in this practice include BOT and DBOT RFTs for building and operating waste sorting and materials recovery facilities, DBOT RFTs for building rental condominiums, BOT RFTs for water treatment and purification and wastewater reuse, RFTs for the development and supply of IT systems and computer services, RFTs for the privatization of public education and welfare service and concession tenders.

The firm also facilitates RFTs for the development of neighborhoods and the construction of public buildings amounting to hundreds of thousands of NIS annually, advises private entities in tenders and competition proceedings, throughout all of their stages and representation in courts and tribunals.

The firm specializes in all aspects of regulations concerning infrastructure and utilities; in particular water, sewage and drainage infrastructure, waste handling and disposal facilities, and provided ongoing legal support from the initial planning of the project up until its completion and operation. 

Civil and Administrative Litigation

The firm has extensive experience in administrative and civil litigation, particularly in litigation connected with the firm's main practices. The firm’s team has taken part in dozens of rulings and precedents in these areas.

Administrative Litigation: the firm provides legal representation and appears before the various courts, on behalf of public entities, municipalities, authorities, governmental companies and private entities in administrative petitions concerning tenders, municipal and regulatory matters.

The firm takes pride in its unique experience in conducting legal proceedings before the Water Court on licensing issues of water supply and production.

Civil Litigation: the firm provides legal representation and appears before various courts in cases involving complex contractual disputes, construction and infrastructure contract disputes, municipal services disputes, recovery of mandatory municipal payments claims and class actions, and takes pride in managing hundreds of civil cases with a total value of hundreds of millions of NIS. 

Local Authorities and Municipalities

The firm’s team has longstanding experience in advising and supporting local authorities and municipalities, specializing in the mandatory charges that are imposed by local authorities and waste and sewage corporations, including development charges and fees, establishment and ongoing fees, and a unique specialization in charges which are imposed due to polluted sewage overflow. The firm represents private entities before local authorities and municipal corporations.

Adv. Ahikam Shuster has a unique specialization in development and umbrella agreements, which constitute an alternative for the development of urban infrastructures under mandatory payments. In this vein, Adv. Shuster facilitated many umbrella agreements, including; the umbrella agreement between the Israeli Land Authorities and the Rishon LeZion Municipality (for the development of about 21,000 apartments and infrastructure valued at around NIS 6 Billion), the umbrella agreement between the Ministry of Housing and the Ashdod Municipality (for the construction of about 36,000 apartments and infrastructure valued at about NIS 6.5 Billion) and the umbrella agreement between the Israeli Land Authorities and the Yahud-Monoson Municipality (for the development of about 7,500 apartments, 650,000 sq.m. of commercial areas and infrastructure valued at around NIS 1.5 Billion). Adv. Shuster serves as a development agreements advisor for the Jerusalem Municipality. 

Environmental Protection

The firm advises private and public entities in environmental protection projects, with a unique specialization in various regulatory aspects of water, sewage, drainage and waste. The firm has experience in facilitating projects that relate to the coastal environment and its unique regulatory aspects. The firm has advised on wastewater treatment, surface runoff collection and control, and water treatment and purification projects, commercial operations and transactions concerning waste disposal and sanitation, and waste sorting, recycling and burying, landfill sites rehabilitation, mining and coastal ecosystem preservation projects.

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